Owner FAQ

The following are common questions and answers that property owners often have.

When do I receive my monthly income?

Rent is collected at the beginning of every month and dispersed to the owner at the end of the month along with an Owner’s Statement. Rent is held in account throughout the month so funds are on hand for any maintenance or repairs that may arise during the course of the month. You may elect to receive your monthly proceeds via direct deposit or by mailed check.

What is an Owner’s Statement?

Your Owner’s Statement is a breakdown of the income and expenses for the each month and year to date. You can elect to receive a detailed statement, which will break down each and every expense as well as income, or you may elect for a standard statement.

For example, standard statement could read:
Plumbing: $100.
A detailed statement would read:
Plumbing: Repair toilet at 123 Rental Property Blvd $100.

How do you find tenants?

We advertise on our website, apartments.com, craigslist, Zillow and all major rental websites. We will also utilize signs when necessary.

Do you screen the potential tenants?

Yes! We have a thorough application process for every tenant. We look at a potential tenant’s previous landlord references, income level, credit history and background. We have high standards to protect your investment.

How do you handle maintenance issues?

Tenants can call our office or submit a maintenance request online or through email. We have a number of trusted and reliable contractors that we have been working with for years that we then contact to resolve the issue.

Can I do the work myself or use contractors I want?

Absolutely! This is your investment and we are working on your behalf. We are more than happy to accommodate your preferences on preferred contractors at your property.

What services do you provide?

We are a full service property management company. You can be as involved as you like or can elect to have us handle everything for you. Services we provide include:

  • Advertising and showing the property
  • Screening and placing tenants
  • Collecting rents
  • Handling maintenance and emergency calls
  • Working with City Inspections
  • Posting notice and attending court for delinquent tenants
  • Processing tenant turnovers