Property Management Services

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Hershey Real Estate Services has been in business for over 30 years with a proven track record of quality service. Ensuring the quality of your building secures a long-term excellent rate of returns. Real estate investment is safe, secure and provides excellent returns. Using our services minimizes your risk and will have you wanting to buy more properties.

Our commitment to communication enables us to provide quality management without unduly burdening you. This allows you to confidently receive a monthly check without stress. An automatic deposit is available allowing you to receive funds quickly.

We pride ourselves on honesty and integrity. We are committed to making you a client for life in all your real estate needs.


Tenant Screening and Placement

A key to successful real estate investment is placing qualified and reliable tenants in your property. We use a rigorous screening procedure which minimizes your risk and complies with legal requirements. We screen through credit checks, background checks, income verification and landlord references. This enables us to provide a high degree of confidence in placing a tenant into your property.

When an applicant becomes eligible to be a tenant, we prepare a lease and have it signed by the applicant. We require a security deposit on the signing of the lease and the first month rent when handing over the keys for move in. We also have a set move in procedure which minimizes move out confusion. This will save you money.

Rent Collection

We collect rent monthly. This is a smooth and convenient process for our tenants, which in turn makes it a smooth and profitable process for you. Rental funds are disbursed at the end of the month to you.

In the event a tenant becomes delinquent, we provide eviction services as part of your ongoing management fee. This happens infrequently due to our screening services up front. We also work individually with tenants enabling them to get current through a structured payment plan which minimizes the cost of evictions.


When a vacancy occurs in your property, we advertise and market the units availability. We begin the marketing process immediately when notice to vacate is received. We use many online portals and a sign at the property to generate interest and minimize vacancy periods. We also stay abreast of the market in order to maximize rental income.

Property Maintenance and Repairs

We use self-employed vendors who are insured to handle repairs and maintenance. They respond very quickly to necessary repairs and there is no upcharge on the services provided by our vendors. The vendors bill us and we pay for their services. This makes your headaches less and provides assurance on the continued upkeep of your property.

We also have vendors who work diligently to repairs required after a vacancy which also minimizes the amount of time your property remains vacant.

Financial Reporting

Through our online portal system you have access to your reports immediately. You are able to customize your reports to understand what is happening with your property. Monthly statements are sent to you as each month is closed out and a yearly statement is provided for your accountant. These services are provided for your convenience and ensure a smooth communication process.